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Library and knowledge services during Covid-19: Sharing learning and experiences in the NW

Library and Knowledge Services during Covid-19Sharing learning and experiences in the North West

In July 2020, seven members of the CILIP North West committee set up a conversation which we recorded on Teams in order to share our recent experiences of working during lockdown. 

It was a chance to reflect on how our different services have responded to the changes imposed by the Covid-19 situation as well as the impact this has had on our individual working lives. 
Despite our different contexts, we began to see some common themes emerging. These included issues such as how our respective services have adapted and how we have all been exploring new and effective ways of reaching out to our users. We also discussed the unforeseen challenges around working from home as well as the opportunities for skills development that the pandemic has brought about. 

You can watch the full recording here:
The whole conversation lasts just under an hour. At 54.35 you can see the …
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Final Reminder for CILIP NW AGM This Friday 15th May 2020 1-1.30pm

Final reminder for CILIP NW AGM Friday 15th May 2020  1-1.30pm

This meeting will be held digitally via Microsoft Teams* for the first time. 
Non-members can attend, but will not be able to vote. 
To book a place please contact Gil Young - 
*You do not need Microsoft Teams to access, you can access online via browser. There is no dial in option.

CILIP North West AGM Friday 15th May 2020 at 1pm

CILIP North West AGM Friday 15th May 1pm

We traditionally hold our AGM as part of the annual CILIP North West celebration event - but due to the current world situation, this cannot happen.  However - we are going to hold a virtual AGM using Zoom. This will be on Friday 15th May 2020, at 1pm. 
More details to follow! 

CILIP NW Member Network Bursary available for LILAC Conference 2020

CILIP NW Member Network  Bursary available for LILAC Conference 2020
More details about the event can be found here
For an application form, which includes full details and selection criteria, please contact Zoe Collyer, NW Member Network Awards Co-ordinator at:

Professional Registration by Sue McKenzie

Professional Registration by Sue McKenzie
"To be, or not to be, that is the question"Shakespeare
I have been procrastinating about my professional registration for a while now.  It’s easy to put it to one side and blame the day-to-day job for not having time to do it.  So when I was invited to attend a CILIP Professional Registration workshop at our local Educational Library Service, I decided it was the encouragement and kick I needed to get going. I was to find out that this was exactly the same for several others who were attending as well as a few who had not yet registered. An investment in your futureWe all know that getting professional acknowledgement will not necessarily get us more pay.  But I decided long ago that it wasn’t about the money - I don’t think many of us work in libraries for the money! For me it was about the recognition of doing my job well.  Throughout the professional registration process, the candidate is encouraged to reflect on their learning and b…

CILIP New Professionals Day by Nicola Semple

New Professionals Day October 2019By Nicola Semple 

In October, I was offered the CILIP NW Member Network bursary for the CILIP New Professionals Day, which took place on 22nd October 2019. Here is a rundown of my time at the event.I am currently studying the Library and Information Management MA at Manchester Metropolitan University and chose New Professionals Day as my first CILIP conference. Having never attended a CILIP conference before, I thought this event would ease me in. I also hoped that it would give me a brief overview of the different career paths an information professional might choose. Entry for the randomised bursary was straightforward; it required an email from me with my CILIP member number, name, and the title of my university course.

On the day of the event, I got an early train down to London, paid for mainly with the bursary. At CILIP HQ, we were offered coffee, tea and biscuits and I sat down for a catch up with a fellow student who had also come along to the e…

A Visit to Liverpool Athenaeum Library by Heather Vernon

A Visit to Liverpool Athenaeum Library  by  Heather Vernon

On Thursday 7th November I had the pleasure of joining a tour of the Liverpool Athenaeum Library, organised by CILIP North West and the Library and Information History Group. I am a newly qualified librarian with an interest in historic and rare book collections. I’ve worked for the National Trust and am currently in my first professional post as a Local Studies Librarian. So when I saw the tour advertised on the CILIP website I immediately signed up. I suggested it to my manager as an opportunity for networking and CPD, and she readily agreed.

Stepping inside the Athenaeum’s plush interior from the torrents of rain falling outside was like stepping into another world, something out of a Sherlock Holmes story. I could just imagine Holmes, Watson and Mycroft discussing a case in the Newsroom next to a log fire.

Our group was met by Joan, the Librarian at the Athenaeum since 2007. Her enthusiasm for her role and the collection …