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A Visit to Liverpool Athenaeum Library by Heather Vernon

A Visit to Liverpool Athenaeum Library  by  Heather Vernon

On Thursday 7th November I had the pleasure of joining a tour of the Liverpool Athenaeum Library, organised by CILIP North West and the Library and Information History Group. I am a newly qualified librarian with an interest in historic and rare book collections. I’ve worked for the National Trust and am currently in my first professional post as a Local Studies Librarian. So when I saw the tour advertised on the CILIP website I immediately signed up. I suggested it to my manager as an opportunity for networking and CPD, and she readily agreed.

Stepping inside the Athenaeum’s plush interior from the torrents of rain falling outside was like stepping into another world, something out of a Sherlock Holmes story. I could just imagine Holmes, Watson and Mycroft discussing a case in the Newsroom next to a log fire.

Our group was met by Joan, the Librarian at the Athenaeum since 2007. Her enthusiasm for her role and the collection …
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Considering applying for Fellowship? by Gil Young, CILIP North West Mentor Support Officer

Considering applying for Fellowship?     Then read on.
“CILIP Fellowship is the highest level of Professional Registration and if you have substantial achievement in professional practice, hold a senior position in your organisation, or have made a significant contribution to the Information Professions, then this is the level for you.” (CILIP, 2014)

Below Gil Young (Mentor Support Officer for the North West and a CIILIP mentor) talks to three North West based individuals who have recently been awarded Fellowship. Julie was part of a buddy group mentored by Yvette Jeal who was the 2018 CILIP Mentor of the Year. Nicola and Maria were both members of a group mentored by Gil.

About us: 
Julie Griffiths (JG): I am the Library Strategy and Development Manager for Halton Borough Council. I began working in public libraries as a trainee librarian and have held several operational posts at different levels before being appointed to my current role in 2015. Halton is a unitary authority in the Nor…

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The Grand Tour (or A Subject Librarian’s travels around the North West!) by Zoe Collyer

The Grand Tour  (or A Subject Librarian’s travels around the North West!) by Zoe Collyer

Over the last month or so I have spent a lot of time on trains as a result of the attending some great training opportunities. When I say 'Grand Tour', I have to admit to mainly travelling to Liverpool and Manchester, but I seem to have visited both cities more in the last couple of weeks than I have in the last 2 years!

Image by Schaeffler from Pixabay
First up, Manchester, for the JISC Connect More event at Manchester United football ground. (JISC provides digital solutions for UK education and research). Myself and a colleague set out in the largest car that our University could provide and bravely set off up the M56.  I drive a Peugeot 108, so being presented with an SUV is always an interesting prospect. It feels a bit like being given the keys to a tank! Taking the wrong junction onto the M60, then having to battle across Manchester through hoards of cricket fans, we make it to the …

Bursary now available - Northern Collaboration Conference in Hull, Friday 6th September 2019

New Bursary Opportunity Northern Collaboration Conference Hull Friday 6th September 

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CILIP Conference 2019 by Julie Burrell CILIP NW bursary winner

CILIP Conference 2019  by Julie Burrell CILIP NW bursary winner 

Recently, I was lucky enough to attend this year’s CILIP conference, thanks to a bursary from the CILIP NW Member Network. 

As a recently qualified library professional, who’d never attended a conference before, the CILIP conference seemed the perfect place to start, especially as it was being held just down the road at Manchester University. So I submitted a short bursary application form, kept my fingers crossed and was delighted to receive an email a few days later telling me I’d been awarded a place at the conference! I was so excited and couldn’t wait to get stuck in. Fast forward to the morning of 3rd July…

The excitement was now mixed with a healthy dose of apprehension. What if I didn’t know anyone else there? Was I wearing the right clothes? The questions went round and round in my head but luckily, all of my fears were allayed as soon as I stepped inside University Place. I instantly spotted a couple of work coll…